"Where then is thy glorying? It is excluded. By what law? Of deeds doing? Nay, but by the law of faith. For we deem a man to be justified by faith, without works of the law." - Romans 3:27-28 (Wycliffe NT)


"Anytime the Christian makes sense in a Bible study or sermon, you can almost bet your life you're not hearing Christianity."
Pastor Tom Baker


CONTEXT IS KING (click on title for more!)

The only proper way to understand Biblical doctrine is to read in context. Single verses can get right to the point, but the fullness of the passage is realized when we read the verses surrounding it. In fact, reading the chapter is best. Further still, reading the entire book is the only way to grasp the true concepts. You can avoid supposed contradictions by employing this strategy. If you "verse pick" you run the risk of confusion. You may be reading later in a book that has spent time in the beginning building a doctrinal foundation that you miss by looking ahead. You will find yourself second guessing what it is saying or applying burdens to yourself that you shouldn't be carrying.
Context is just so important. Most cults and branches of denominations miss this crucial technique. Context runs beyond the chapter and book. It really is the entire Bible. You should understand the Old Testament (Law) so that you can need the New Testament (Gospel). You can also understand the O.T. better when you understand the N.T. God has not limited His way of speaking to us His Truths. Better still, the thread that runs through all of the books of the Bible is Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit confirms this in our study. He is the context! You can't read Genesis without seeing Him. You can't read the prophets and not know He fulfills it. And through to Revelation, if Christ is not at the center of every doctrinal issue, you can know that you've read it wrong! Think of it as "Context is THE King!" Jesus is our theology. He fits the purpose. He fulfills it. He accomplished it all. Amen.



Feelings can lead us into all sorts of directions. Some good directions, some bad. Feelings are so fickle, though,  that sometimes it's hard to know which direction we happen to be going. It's just that we are addicted to feelings. We can't get enough! We look for our happiness within them. We are told to "trust" our feelings. "Do what you feel is right."  "If it doesn't feel good, don't do it." "How does that make you feel?" Those words careen at us everyday.  Our feelings are there for a reason but they can't be trusted at all times. So what are we to do with them?
Our only ally in any of this is truth. We can always count on the truth. Despite our feelings. We may not like what the truth says but truth trumps feelings at every turn. It is a foundational need for us as humans. Otherwise, we are all driven by selfish desires to do what we feel is right for us. Truth reminds us who we really are and that our hearts are "deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9 KJV)
One Person knows our hearts and its wicked state. That same Person, Jesus Christ, took our hearts and gave us new ones. His Truths reside there. He's also given us His Word to remind us of those Truths, lest we begin to listen to that old heart of our old Adam. 
Our feelings are only worth anything when they are based in Truth. Truth only comes from God and His perfect Gospel. That's where our feet have been planted. If we trust our feelings only, we blow like a leaf in the wind. But His Truths transform us and calm us beyond what any feeling could ever do. Truth lasts from age to age. What is true is always true. Feelings come and go, blowing us in every direction. Let us hold fast to the Truth of Christ's life in us. If THAT gives you a good feeling, it should! It does me!



Everyone draws lines. All stand guilty. The line I am talking about is the line of good and evil. Where do you put yourself usually? On the "good" side of the line or the "bad" side? Where do you place others usually? On the "good" side or "bad" side? Let's face it, we will always put ourselves on the "good" side and place others on the "bad" or "evil" side. What might we say when we delineate in this way? "It's not my fault!"
We can look back to Adam and Eve to illustrate this. They went out of their way to place themselves on the "good" side and everyone else on the "bad." The woman blames the serpent. The man blames the woman. ("It's not my fault!") But if you read for yourself in Genesis 3:12, there is one important person placed on the "evil" side of the line....... God Himself! Did you catch that? Adam tells God that it was the woman who gave him the fruit but he ultimately blames God because He was the one that GAVE him the woman! That little hidden gem has eluded my thoughts in relation to the Garden story. It never dawned on me that it's not just people that we place on either side of that line. We are quick to put God there. Where? Our mouths say, "God goes on the good side, cause He is good!" But in reality we are quick to place Him on the "evil" side.
Why, though? Because it is our nature to find righteousness in ourselves and not in someone else. It's way easier to blame others and for us to wallow in our "rightness." It's the inherited problem of self-righteousness. (Thanks Mama Eve and Daddy Adam. Oops, I drew a line.) It was the Pharisees problem and it is our problem.
What then makes a Christian righteous? Is it our faithfulness? Is it our theology or doctrine? Is it our constant striving to do the right thing? Following the big 10? Not going to an R-rated movie? Stopping ourselves from sinning? I really hope not! If the answer is 'yes,' then we are delineating "us" from "them." The "good" from the "evil." Who's job is that? Who has already made that decision? And who can we trust to put US on the truly good side? Christ Jesus! Because until you understand how truly evil you are, you will never understand the Gospel to its fullness. Even as a Christian who understands the Gospel to that level, my "old Adam" is alive and well in my person! He (i.e. me) is forever leading me fully into sin. My flesh loves the stuff! It is one of the wonderful paradoxes that are present in our Salvation. Somehow, through Christ, we are sinner and saint at the same time!
Why is that little device still in effect if Jesus accomplished what He did? So that we cling to His Truths and walk confidently in His righteousness knowing that it is not OUR performance that God is looking for but that when God looks at us, despite our sin, He sees His Son and His finished work in imparting to us His righteousness. Amen!



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