"Where then is thy glorying? It is excluded. By what law? Of deeds doing? Nay, but by the law of faith. For we deem a man to be justified by faith, without works of the law." - Romans 3:27-28 (Wycliffe NT)


"Anytime the Christian makes sense in a Bible study or sermon, you can almost bet your life you're not hearing Christianity."
Pastor Tom Baker


Potential Life On Mars...and yes! I'll make it about the Gospel!

They found ice on Mars! They hope to find the compounds in the water that are the building blocks for life. I wanted to make a quick and simple statement about this. First off, if you believe that original life came from water, then finding water on another planet would be quite exciting. I would submit that the building blocks for life already existed on Mars before they found the ice. Mars is covered in dirt. God made Adam from dirt. Therefore, the presence of dirt already on Mars is all that is needed for there to be the potential for life. However, potential for life and actual life are two different things. We know that the only One who gives life is Jesus Christ. In fact, if you are living without Christ, then you are in reality dead. You are a DNA-filled, skin covered, breathing, walking dead man wether you think man evolved or was created. We are only made truly alive in Christ. Without Him, we only have the potential for life. Trust Him to make you alive and you will live forever! Amen.

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